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Lance Bass' Most Memorable 90's Moment? Meeting The Spice Girls

Plus, find out what was unforgettable for his '90's House' cohort Christina Milian

Lance Bass and Christina Milian are pulling a Marty McFly by going back to another decade with 90's House. And since MTV's brand-new series (which premieres tomorrow night at 11/10c) is taking the singers to the era of "Goosebumps," Polly Pocket and JNCO jeans, we asked the singers to share their favorite moments from the very special era.

"There were so many quintessential things that I got to experience," Lance recalled. "One was meeting the Spice Girls at the airport in Germany -- that was pretty cool. It was right when 'Wannabe' came out. Also getting to perform with Aerosmith, the greatest band ever. And of course, I had every slap bracelet known to man."

Like Lance, Christina's favorite times during the decade centered around music.

"My favorite memory was making videos with my girlfriends," the singer revealed. "We would watch P Diddy videos. I wanted to be signed to either Def Jam or Bad Boy so bad, and his videos were just so lit. You're seeing silver and gold and all these amazing outfits that they had on, and the videos were so popping. We would come up with our own dances and we would record them."

If you were around in the '90s, what's your favorite memory from the decade? Spill in the comments, and don't miss 90's House premiering tomorrow at 11/10c (peep a sneak peek of the upcoming installment below).