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J Balvin Thinks That 'Mother Nature Is Telling Us To Take Care Of The World'

These natural disasters remind us to 'be grateful for what you have'

Though J Balvin has spent much of the last year in motion thanks to revving collaborations and his own smash of the summer, "Mi Gente," he spent a rare, still moment with MTV News to discuss current events — or, specifically, the natural disasters that have devastated the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico City in recent weeks.

Balvin's conversation with MTV News took place shortly following the 7.1 earthquake that ravaged Mexico City on September 19. For him, the seismic event, and Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey before it, were brutal reality checks that offered the musician a humbling perspective.

"There's nothing we can do against nature, because Mother Nature is ... I think Mother Nature is telling us to take care of the world," he said. "Not even that — to be a better person every day, to be grateful for what you have and the world you live in."

Balvin said he's worried about the tension mounting on a global scale — he's definitely "worried about the Trump thing" — but artists, in particular, have the opportunity to use their platforms to further causes and messages that inspire change.

"I think we have the power, all the artists, to send a positive message, man — to be grateful, and try to be a better person, every day."