Are You The One? Strategy: Do You Agree With The Cast's Truth Booth Plan?

Note: No Solo cups are involved

Emotional connections take time to develop, and when you have 11 matches to make and only a finite amount of time to do it, strategy has to come into play.

The Are You The One? Season 6 cast's game plan for nailing nearly a dozen perfect matches and a cool $1 million? Solo cups! Just kidding. These determined guys and gals want to send any and all current couples into the Truth Booth in the hopes of confirming a match -- or splitting them up.

The third couple to land a coveted spot in the TB: Malcolm and Nurys, who have been attached at the hip ever since the recovering playboy upgraded the feisty brunette from side chick to main b*tch (her words, not ours).

"Nurys and Malcolm -- they're so connected with each other," Uche said. "They really like each other, and they've even expressed being together outside of this house."

She continued, echoing Ethan's statement last week: "I feel like with couples like that, we need to get them in the Truth Booth, because if they're not a match, they're not going to connect with other people until they're a confirmed no match."

The gang has already secured two non-matches: Ethan and Keyana (voted in based on their common musical interests) and former lovebirds Anthony and Geles. Not only that, but they've gone from three beams of light down to one in just a single week.

But is it a solid strategy to put strong pairs into the tension-filled room, or are the Season 6 housemates setting themselves up for disaster? After all, history tells us that super-smitten couples who are confirmed non-matches often have trouble letting go (and steering clear of the Boom Boom Room).

Sound off with your thoughts, and find out if this crew changes its tune next Wednesday at 10/9c.