More Teen Mums: Get To Know Brand-New Cast Members Amber And Sassi

The British ladies are making their MTV stateside debut on Monday, October 9

Chloe, Megan and Mia are back and telling their unique Teen Mum tales. And the show's brand-new episodes -- premiering this Monday -- are going to feature some fresh faces. Hiya, Sassi and Amber!

But before these two ladies make their stateside debut, here's a bit more about them. Sassi is a new mum to her nine-week-old mini-me Zenaya. Her boyfriend Darren is the father, but the Stockport native has a rocky romance with her beau. One minute, the couple can be hot, the next cold -- and fights between the two can turn ugly fast. Will they be able to overcome their relationship hurdles, or are they heading toward a split?

Meanwhile, Amber is single and raising son Brooklyn on her own. However, her ex/baby daddy Ste wants to reconcile with her -- and he's willing to do anything to get his family together. Will Ste be successful in winning Amber back, or will their separated status remain?

Don't miss these two -- as well as the returning trio -- when Teen Mum premieres on Monday (immediately following brand-new Teen Mom 2 episodes). And check out a sneak peek from the first installment below!