Which 90's MTV Shows Did Christina Milian And Lance Bass Love The Most?

Hint: The '90's House' hosts both enjoyed when people stop being polite...and start getting real

During the 1990s, MTV ushered in several brand-new genres of television and was responsible for a slew of legendary shows that shaped the future of small-screen programming: Real World, Singled Out, TRL, Cribs and Making the Video are just a few. And now that the network is traveling back to the dopest decade in 90's House, which series stand out to hosts Christina Milian and Lance Bass?

"My favorite is Real World," "AM to PM" songstress Christina recently revealed to MTV News. "There were so many different people that were on the show, and they were coming from so many different aspects of life. It was the first time we were seeing this. It changed television."

For his part, Lance agrees that Real World (peep a clip from the inaugural New York installment above) was "amazing" -- but says another program holds a special place in his heart. And it's actually coming back to MTV ON MONDAY.

"It has to be TRL -- that was our breeding ground," the NSYNC member fondly reflects. "It was incredible to come to Times Square and see the crazy crowd. That's what you ran home from school to watch."

Share your favorite '90s MTV sho in the comments and don't miss Lance and Christina on 90's House this Tuesday at 11/10c (catch a sneak peek below)!