Erika Goldring/Getty

Halsey And G-Eazy Can't Stop Making Out On Camera

Halsey and G-Eazy, sittin' in a tree...

Halsey and G-Eazy want you to know they're a thing. No, seriously. If you've stopped by any of their social media accounts lately, it's impossible to miss their love. The sheer abundance of kissing and hand-holding proves they're swooning over each other.

It's unclear exactly when they became an item, but the PDA must be a recent development in their relationship. According to Halsey's Instagram, she was single as recently as last June. But two weeks ago, the duo reportedly smooched onstage at G-Eazy's New Orleans tour stop. They also performed an unreleased collaboration, "Him and I," a song about a ride-or-die relationship.

"We got that love, the crazy kind," Halsey croons to G-Eazy in the chorus. Judging from the cozy pics and videos below, perhaps those lyrics were inspired by their real-life romance.

  • Who knew bodegas were such an aphrodisiac?

  • This must be the best way to chase a drink

  • Too. Cute.

  • Roller coaster kisses > ferris wheel kisses

  • Tonsil hockey must be their sport of choice

  • They even have matching sneaks!

  • Even last year, they knew how to work hard AND party hard

  • Keep the love coming, guys!