This Is What Made Khalid Finally Feel 'Free'

See the VMA winner in a new 'Dare To Live' sneak peek

Khalid's "location" is about to be slightly out of the ordinary -- all because of Rory Kramer.

In a sneak peek of this week's Dare to Live episode, the VMA's Best New Artist winner goes ziplining with the “professional life liver.” And after they finish the adventurous activity, Khalid is in a reflective mood.

"I feel like lately, I just haven't been letting free," the 19-year-old admits to Rory in the clip, above, as they make their way to the next stop. "And the moment that I was flying down and I realized, 'Oh, I cannot stop myself,' I was free. I've never laughed like that."

From there, Khalid opens up about his childhood -- and how he felt "restricted as kid." To hear more about his youth, watch the video above -- and don't miss the entire Dare to Live installment on Friday at 11:30/10:30c.