Should Teen Mum's Megan And Dylan Live Together Again?

She doesn't want to reside under the same roof, but he wants to be with his family

Megan and her fiancé Dylan learned that they would soon have two children when the inaugural installment of Teen Mum came to a close. But life has changed considerably for the Essex couple, as seen during tonight's premiere episode: Mackenzie's mum is eight months pregnant with a baby girl, Dulcie, the engagement is off (even though the couple is "still together") and the two sold their caravan (camper). Dylan, meanwhile, is less than content with their current housing situation.

"Dylan is at his mum and dad's, and he wants us to live together again," Megan revealed, while adding that she's back in her parents' home. "But I don't trust him yet, and I need to focus on the new baby."

But when the young dad took his clan to visit another camper, Megan began to miss their old lives under the same roof.

"So if I got a big one of these, you'd move back in with me?" Dylan posed as the two sat down for a meal. And while Megan longed for their happier times in the same space, she was quick to refute his idea.

"I know what you're like," she explained. "We'll talk about it now, and then you'll go out and buy one next week."

Dylan didn't disagree with her statement -- and instead was looking toward a happy future together.

"That's the goal -- to have our own land and our own one of these," he said.

But whose side are you on: Megan's or Dylan's? Residing separately means that Dylan doesn't get to see his son, his soon-to-arrive daughter and the mother of his children as frequently -- which only creates distance. However, Dylan's habits -- especially his partying -- understandably upsets Megan and is not conducive for their current situation. Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Teen Mum every Monday at 10/9c (immediately following Teen Mom 2).