Waging Challenge War: Will Tori Or Aneesa Claim Victory?

Now that the vet has returned from the Redemption House, things are gonna get messy

After a truly stomach-turning challenge that found ousted Dirty Thirty players downing cow’s eyes and slimy hogs’ snouts (nice!), Aneesa has earned a second shot at gold, and Tori is first in line to give her the boot once more. But will the Are You the One vet be able?

On tonight’s episode, the game’s remaining players learned that the scene had been set for a second round of Redemption House mayhem, but that they wouldn’t find out which man and woman would return to the game until the dust had cleared. And for Tori, the idea that Aneesa — who sent the rookie into The Presidio after pulling the Double Cross — might return felt like a punch in the gut.

While Tori and Aneesa started out as pals, tension grew thick between them to the point at which Tori called Aneesa “literally the spawn of the devil,” and Aneesa identified Tori as a gossipy “bitch.”

But back to the Redemption crew: In “Green With Envy,” TJ challenged the most recently eliminated players — Hunter, Cory, Aneesa, Marie and Nicole — to test their guts by eating a collection of nauseating cuisines (cockscomb or water rat, anyone?) and punctuate the small meals with quick sprints up and down a mud volcano. The first man and woman who successfully chowed each dish down (players could also earn the chance to skip over certain plates) would win and earn their respective places back at the main house.

While Hunter took a commanding lead on the men’s side, and easily landed a place back in the game over Cory, the race on the women’s side turned into a nail-biter between Aneesa and Nicole. Still, Aneesa finally pulled out the win after one final push through a Chicken Intestine Smoothie, and when she and Hunter finally made their homecomings, they were predictably met with scorn. Tori, in particular, gave Aneesa the cold shoulder she’d promised.

“I don’t like the way she plays the game, and I have no interest in being her friend,” Tori said.

Still, Aneesa wouldn’t take the dismissal sitting down, and silently dealt Tori her finest passive-aggressive warfare.

“The devil’s back, bitches,” Aneesa warned. “Tori, you don’t have s*** to say to me? Come on, Tori, aren’t you bigger and badder?”

Well, is Tori bigger or badder, or is Aneesa equipped to silence her bark?

What do you think — will Tori keep the upper-hand, and will she outlast Aneesa again? Or, is the fired-up Real World: Chicago veteran too fired up to fizzle out, and is she going to bounce the newbie once and for all? Share your thoughts, and see which cast member comes out on top next Tuesday at 10/9c!