Which NSYNC Member Is About To Invade 90's House?

Besides host Lance Bass (of course)

NSYNC ruled the nineties -- and Lance Bass is about to celebrate all things related to this unbelievable decade.

In the first sneak peek of MTV's brand-new series 90's House, the aforementioned singer and fellow co-host Christina Milian are about to help 12 millennials go back to the dopest decade. And yes, that sound is an AOL dial up.

"You've just stepped through a time warp," Lance declares in the clip above, while kinda implying that these kids have no idea what's about to him 'em.

But Lance won't be the only one from the boy band to harken back to the days of "Tearin' Up My Heart." To find out who it is -- and to see which other 90's icons will invade the MTV space -- watch the first few minutes of the nostalgia program above. And don't miss the series premiere of 90's House on Tuesday, September 26 at 11/10c!