Matt Jelonek/Getty Images + Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Chance The Rapper Threw A Dance Party With Elmo, Elsa, And A Minion For His Daughter's Birthday

Turns out Minions can RAGE

Chance The Rapper is a fine dancer on his own, but Chance The Rapper in the company of Frozen favorites Elsa and Olaf, a Troll, one rhythmically-minded Minion, and Elmo? That's an unstoppable group on the dance floor — or at least it was at his baby girl's birthday party.

Little Kensli turned two on September 16, so to celebrate, Chance did what a ton of other parents do: He enlisted the help of his daughter's favorite characters and had them come hang out at her birthday party. One huge difference between Chance and other moms and dads, though: He danced the hell out of the song playing at the establishment hosting Kensli's shindig, and he had this crew of cartoon royalty groove along.

The Minion, in particular, got really, really into it. Like, Dance So Hard Your Overalls Fall Off into it.

Let the record show that we've finally figured out what kind of a creature a Minion is, and it is indisputably a (birthday) party animal.

Happy birthday, Kensli. Can't wait for your family band to drop its first single.