Aly & AJ/YouTube

Aly & AJ Will Literally Sink Their Teeth Into You In Dreamy 'Take Me' Music Video

It's a bloody good time

If Aly & AJ's dreamy comeback single "Take Me" isn't already on near-constant repeat, then now's a good time to start. Sisters Aly and AJ Michalka just dropped the bewitching music video for "Take Me," and in keeping with their forthcoming EP's breezy West Coast vibe, it's a hazy tale of life, death, and bloodlust set in Los Angeles.

Directed by Alex Ross Perry, with gorgeous cinematography from Sean Price Williams, Aly & AJ are two restless vampires looking for something — or more accurately, someone — to sink their teeth into. The visuals were shot on standard 16mm film, which elevates the video's soft, retro '80s style. And once those 808 drums and the nostalgic synths kick in, it's impossible not to get sucked into Aly & AJ's creative vision.

"Take Me" is just the first sampling from Aly & AJ's EP, Ten Years, which they've described as pop with a strong "'80s influence." It's been nearly a decade since they've released new music under their Aly & AJ moniker, and after taking some time away from the music scene to focus on acting, Aly & AJ are back and better than ever.