Can Nelson Survive Without His Challenge Alliance?

Cory was ousted by Hunter, and now Nelson has sent Hunter into the Redemption House

The Three Musketeers of The Challenge have been reduced to a lone representative, and now, Nelson will have a long fight ahead if he intends to survive the game. Can he swing it?

On this week's episode, Nelson’s and Hunter’s backs were pressed even more aggressively to the wall. Having just lost Cory to the most recent Presidio savagery, the game’s newbie alliance found itself at an additional deficit when the winners of “Talk Thirty to Me Winners,” Tony and Camila, began to look at Nelson as a candidate for elimination.

“Nelson’s coming for me every single time,” Tony said. “He already threw me in once, he just does not like me.”

So when Tony and Camila cast their votes Nelson’s way, it came as no surprise.

“I knew it was coming,” Nelson said. “It sucks that [Tony] had a second chance to come back into this house because I already knew that I was gonna have a target on my back.”

Even worse, the game’s other guys were intent on throwing Hunter into The Presidio against Nelson. If Jordan or Dario drew the Double-Cross, each was ready to call out the Are You The One? export to guarantee someone from the dwindling alliance was eliminated.

“Imagine Hunter takes out his whole alliance single-handedly,” Johnny Bananas joked.

And yet, the humor was prescient. For the second time, Jordan drew the Double-Cross at The Presidio, and tossed Hunter into the elimination round against his best pal. And while Hunter took the early lead in “Rampage,” which challenged players to drag each other down one of two ramps that matched their respective assigned colors, it was Nelson who dug deep and got the job done.

“I’m f****** pissed,” Hunter said. “I don’t know of anyone who’s had to go against their two closest friends in the house back to back.”

Now, the odds are certainly not in Nelson’s favor. Even if either Cory or Hunter manages to return to the game from the redemption house, the victor — along with Nelson — will still be operating from a total disadvantage. But would that team have the fight and drive to compensate?

What do you think — does Nelson have what it takes to push through and win? Or are his days numbered, and is it only a matter of time before he gets the boot? Share your thoughts, and see how he performs next Tuesday at 10/9c!