Daniel Cristol/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Kristen Bell Is Combatting Hurricane Irma With Shelter Performances And Bingo

Yeah, she's pretty much the best

Kristen Bell has already saved the family of one of her Frozen co-stars, but she's definitely not calling it quits when it comes to helping people in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Bell is stuck in Orlando, and has been as the city has prepared for the massive storm to make landfall. Now that Irma's arrived, she — along with some back-up dancers — entertained those who sought shelter at Meadow Woods middle school in Floridian city.

Bell belted out a Frozen favorite, "For the First Time in Forever," and did so to keep the mood light in spite of the worrisome weather outside: "I hope that helped, and I hope maybe some of these songs are running through your head the rest of the day, and will take your mind off of it!"

Back at the hotel (or Bell's emergency home-away-from-home), a bunch of senior citizens have also wound up under its roof to ride out the storm, and she's taken it upon herself to make the situation as enjoyable as possible for them, too.

Bell is basically a serious dose of positive vibes in human form — and that's something Florida can certainly use right now. Also, shoutout, John. You're a positive vibe champion, too.