Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

The Weeknd Made A Tour Video That Looks Like An Old School Home Movie

Plus, look at that smile!

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez have been glitzing out (and making out) in New York City for Fashion Week, but the singer is thinking about the open road and all of the shows he's got coming up on the next leg of his Starboy World Tour.

On September 10 — just two days before his Legend of the Fall tour kicks off in Boston — The Weeknd blitzed his Instagram with a few of his favorite live shots and a performance video that looks like it was filmed with the kind of camcorder your dad used to break out at birthday parties.

Though the footage and the audio are a little fuzzy, the Weeknd's sheer joy onstage is certainly in focus, as are the sounds of his enormous crowds singing right back to him.

Fancy parties, tuxedos, and quality time with his GF are cool and all, but it's time for another international run. He clearly can't wait to get back out there — and we can't wait for this next phase of Starboy's international domination, either.