Who Behaved The Worst On Siesta Key: Kelsey Or Garrett?

Let's face it -- the former couple was all sorts of wrong

What's worse — cheating on your significant other or engaging in a make-out session in front of your ex?

Former Siesta Key couple Kelsey and Garrett had that exact debate during tonight's episode after the former model hooked up with Alex and the fitness trainer smooched Juliette. Ready to take sides? Read on for our he-said-she-said recap:

  • Kelsey

    It's no surprise that Kelsey and Garrett were headed to Splitsville long before their actual breakup. Their relationship issues came to a head during the Kompothecras' Gatsby gala, at which point the new girl in town allegedly hooked up with Alex — and when asked about it, denied anything happened.

  • Garrett

    While Kelsey essentially cheated, Garrett isn't exactly Mr. Innocent when it comes to their demise. He knew Kelsey was going to be at Pauly's concert, but he showed up with Juliette anyway. And he certainly didn't object when the gorgeous FSU student kissed him for a full five seconds...with his former ladylove sitting less than two feet away. Hey, it takes two to play tonsil hockey!

Kelsey and Garrett seem equally furious over the others' faux pas, but which is worse? Tell us what you think, then catch an all-new episode of Siesta Key Monday at 10/9c.