Taylor Hill / Kevin Winter

Nicki Minaj And John Mayer Just Perfected The Twitter Back-And-Forth

May your mentions be a Wonderland

Behold, if you will, a social media interaction so delightful that everyone else can pretty much pack up their accounts and go home. Nicki Minaj and John Mayer have just demonstrated how Twitter, sometimes, can be the most delightful thing on the whole damn planet.

Minaj and Mayer are both avid Tweeters who communicate with their fans on the regular and aren't remotely shy when it comes to expressing themselves in 140 characters or less. This particular exchange all started when the rocker made a confession before his 1.13 million followers:

She responded.

We screamed.

Then Mayer screamed.

Now we're all screaming.

Do try to top this hilarious back-and-forth, but know that the likelihood of you ever being able to come up with a one-liner more flawless than Her Minajesty's here is about as slim as Mayer's grasp on any chill whatsoever in this moment.

If this results in a collaboration of any kind, here's hoping it's as fun as these tweets.