Get A Glimpse Inside The 90's House Pad (iMac Included)

MTV's new show debuts September 26

MTV's brand-new competition series 90's House centers around, well, the '90s. But how will the show's 12 millennial contestants cope in their temporary home when they have to ditch their modern devices and only have items that existed during the dopest decade? Whatever, iPhones!

In the clip below, we're getting the first glimpse at how these guys and girls will live in their '90s-inspired, tricked-out abode. From a vintage iMac to a closest filled with the hottest fashion trends from this wrinkle in time, the new digs are truly da bomb and super phat.

Get a Cribs-style tour of the 90's House above -- and don't miss the premiere of the Lance Bass- and Christina Milian-hosted series on Tuesday at 11/10c!