Iggy Azalea Is Giving Us Shades Of Top Gun

In this 'Dare to Live' sneak peek, the rapper goes fighter-jet flying with Rory Kramer

Iggy Azalea is feeling the "need for speed" -- and she's about to have a Top Gun-style adventure. With some help from Rory Kramer.

In a sneak peek of Dare to Live, below, the professional thrill-seeker takes the rapper to fly some fighter jets and engage in a simulated dog fight. Maverick and Goose, anyone?

"You're going down, little lady," Rory tells Iggy as the two make their way toward the aircraft at Santa Monica Airport.

So how does the Aussie respond? And is she feeling excited, fearful or both as she enters the cockpit? Watch the video to find out -- and don't miss the entire installment this Friday at 11/10c!