Could Michael And Keyana Be An Are You The One Perfect Match?

The two had an immediate connection, but we're not sure if it's love or lust

It's become part of Are You The One? tradition for some contestants to fall head over heels in love lust on Day One -- and that custom is being upheld by Keyana who, after laying eyes on Michael, fell hard and immediately forgot about her getaway date with Ethan.

"Wait, I know you. I follow you on Instagram. You're so f-cking hot!" self-proclaimed stage-five clinger Keyana told the aspiring model.

Of course she follows him on Instagram -- he's dead sexy and has a quarter of a million other followers. But wait, what about Ethan? The budding rapper was quickly friend-zoned by Keeks, a move that was validated when the two wound up being a non-match in the Truth Booth.

Does that mean Michael could actually be Keyana's match? She wasted no time getting to know the Knoxville native, quickly uncovering their similar interests such as a love of art, music and working out.

"Oh my God, we have so much in common," Key stated. "Like, we need to get married right now."

There's just one problem: Keyana describes herself as jealous, clingy and "a lot to handle," which could be a major issue since Michael says he gets up to 50 direct messages a day from other girls.

Nevertheless, the bubbly brunette found herself opening up to her new beau about her painful past, and he confessed to feeling a few butterflies. All bets were then off when Michael was dared to lick Keyana from head to toe, leading the two to jump in the shower together. And we're off!

So what do you think? Michael and Keyana are clearly moving fast, but do they have a future? Tell us your thoughts, then find out what happens on Are You the One? on Wednesday at 10/9c.