Which Are You The One Gal Is Malcolm's Match?

Audrey, Diandra and Nurys are all in the running. Can this guy juggle or what?

We're only one episode deep into Season 6 of Are You The One?, and we already have a massive love triangle square on our hands.

Resident player Malcolm confessed that he had girls on a weekly rotation throughout high school, and his tenure so far on the popular dating series is shaping up to be no different: The self-proclaimed ladies' man swiftly found himself juggling not two but three different females during the season premiere.

It all started when Malcolm secured a getaway date with Audrey, then found himself cuddling up with Diandra in the pool mere hours later. Then Nurys wanted a piece of the Malcolm pie and was willing to do whatever it took to get it. Naturally, the playboy found himself dividing his attention three ways, which begged his on-camera query: "Am I a dog? Am I a player? I'm not a player. Nah, that's not me." Denial's not just a river in Egypt, Malcolm, just sayin'.

So what does each lady think about their relationship with Malcolm thusfar? Let's discuss:

  • Audrey

    During their getaway date, Malcolm told the New Yorker, "I'm 25 now -- I really want something serious. Straight up, I'm happy I'm here with you right now." And while Audrey admitted she often overlooks any signs that point to a player, she's clearly no fool: The hopeless romantic quickly saw through Malcolm's sweet-talking swag.

  • Diandra

    The territorial bombshell has a thirst for bad boys, and when she and Malcolm spent an evening canoodling on an inflatable flamingo, her "papi" was marked. "At the end of the day, we're totally a perfect match," DD stated. "He just doesn't know it yet." Malcolm, who was drawn to Diandra's "Spanish flavor," didn't exactly disagree. She was then dared to make out with Malcolm, which led to a co-showering sesh and a public declaration of her new relationship status. "Yes, everybody on social media, I have a boyfriend after three years," DD declared. "Diandra finally has a boyfriend."

  • Nurys

    Nurys is no shrinking violet -- and she wasn't about to let a couple of ladies get in her way. "I always go after what I want," she stated. "Guys love that. And then I win." The second Malcolm finished rinsing off with DD, Nurys pounced. She then described herself as "main bitch material" and not side-chick fodder. Which is interesting, because, well, right after his romp with Nurys, Malcolm crawled back into bed beside Diandra.

Which woman do you think is best for Malcolm? Comment with your thoughts, then catch another episode of Are You The One? Wednesday at 10/9c.