Who Is The 90's Trivia Champ: Lance Bass Or Christina Milian?

Hey, guys -- nice fanny packs

Lance Bass and Christina Milian are doing a time warp into the '90s. But how well do the singers know what went down during the jiggiest decade?

The 90's House hosts -- who you can catch when the brand-new competition series premieres on September 26 -- are tackling some pop culture queries pegged to this historic period. From naming a popular fruit candy to finishing song lyrics, Lance and Christina (wearing appropriate '90s garb) are truly embracing the fun-filled game. And yes, Backstreet Boys/*NSYNC are addressed.

But who is the 90's House match-up champ? Watch the clip to find out -- and don't miss the premiere of 90's House on Tuesday, September 26 at 11/10c!