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Lorde Hired 'Hot' Doctors To Shoot Her Up With Vitamins Before The VMAs

Because she was battling the flu

Lorde's surprisingly vocal-less "Homemade Dynamite" performance at the 2017 VMAs centered around a fully choreographed dance routine — something the 20-year-old had shied away from earlier in her career.

We soon found out, via a tweet from Lorde herself, that this dance routine was done despite her coming down with a case of the flu, saying she had to be hooked up to an IV that night. And now, we have some more details about that process, courtesy of Lorde's appearance on Marc Maron's "WTF" podcast on Thursday (September 7).

"I had those ladies come, those hot ladies. The drip doctors," she said to start the episode, which you can listen to right here. "You can just pay these ladies $200 and they will come and shoot you up with this cocktail. It could be for a hangover, could be a semi-professional sports person."

She clarified, after some questioning from Maron, that the cocktail consisted of many vitamins, including different types of B and C, and lots of electrolytes. "It's like the start of a porno. They're in their little uniforms, so cute," she said. "You could not find that in New Zealand. They wouldn't do that."

Lorde and Maron talk for over an hour about writing her new album, Melodrama, with Jack Antonoff, how she got discovered because of a videotaped school performance, and also about her synesthesia (the condition of when your senses overlap so that musical tones and textures can appear as different colors).

"It is very overwhelming. It guides a lot of the music that I make for sure. I make very visual music, like colorful music. So for me, when something is just at peak ultraviolet or peak blue or whatever, I'm heading in the right direction," she said.

Oh, and she shouts out Nelly Furtado's run of hits with Timbaland as "the most profound pop music of the 2000s." Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just gonna go ponder what a Lorde/Timbaland collab would sound like.