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Bruno Mars Reveals Why He Got Kicked Out Of High School Band

Likely story, Bruno

It's hard to believe that Bruno Mars – the man with perfect pitch and a ridiculous amount of hits — was ever kicked out of high school band. But that's what he claimed on Monday night (September 5) while conversing with a fan on Twitter.

After seeing a video of a college marching band taking on a slew of his hits (seriously, you've got to watch it), he mused about the irony of it all. "So dope," Mars tweeted. "They really killed this! The ironic part is I got kicked out of band in high school.😒 So to see this brings a huge smile to my soul."

Like any curious cat, a fan asked why Bruno had been tossed out of his school band — to which he responded with a coy joke. Apparently, his band leaders didn't want to hear a new song he'd been pushing on them. Perhaps you've heard it? You know, that little ditty that spent 14 weeks at No. 1 in 2015 and is one of the best-selling singles of all time?

Bruno, you troll! Of course, he had to clarify:

Now, we have to wait for this Lifetime biopic. Although I can't imagine anyone but Bruno Mars playing Bruno Mars...