Challenge Kiss: Have Tony And Camila Ruined Their Games?

The ‘Rivals III’ pair shared an unexpected smooch in the back of the bus

Rivals-gone-romantic. Tony and Camila, who were both booted for a heated argument (…with each other…) on Rivals III, have come full circle, and spent the tail end of tonight’s Challenge XXX episode locking lips. But, considering their contentious past, and the fact that Tony has a girlfriend back home, will the couple’s kiss amount to disaster?

In the latest installment, the remaining competitors learned they were in for one of the game’s most hated traditions: the trivia mission. TJ explained that as part of “Talk Thirty To Me,” players would abide by a three-strikes-and-you’re-out system, in which three wrong answers (players could also deal any other player a strike with a correct answer) meant elimination.

After questions that ranged from TJ’s tenure as host to how to correctly spell “vengeance,” Tony and Camila were named the day’s winners, and faced the tall task of nominating one man and one woman into The Presidio.

“I’m so happy, this is my first trivia challenge win ever,” the Battle of the Exes victor said. “It also shows people I don’t really think you want to be f****** around with me. All these girls need to be worried right now.”

Still, before business came pleasure, and during a night out at the bar, both victors (in particular observance of Cara Maria’s birthday) let loose. It was all innocent fun until they wound up back on the bus, and Tony pulled Camila close.

Then, came a smooch.

“Honestly, Tony, it’s a very serious offense,” Camila warned as Tony continued inching closer. “For real, think about it.”

“Think about what?” Tony responded. “There’s nothing to think about.”

And Johnny Bananas, watching on, was dumbfounded.

“I think people think if they sit in the back of the bus they somehow turn invisible,” the six-time champ said. “I guess for some reason they think that because the cameras are all the way at the front of the bus, magically, the zoom feature doesn’t work…Just because you’re drunk doesn’t mean you’re invisible.”

What do you think — will this kiss shatter Tony’s or Camila’s gameplay? Share your thoughts, and see how these two figure things out when The Challenge returns Tuesday at 10/9c.