The Are You The One? Casties Reveal What They Really Want In A Mate

And what they don't want -- as in, 'I don't want anymore f**kboys cheating on me'

Love will rule when Are You the One? returns for a sixth season and 22 singles are on the prowl searching for that special someone to call their one and only.

Before the New Orleans-based series premieres on September 20 -- and the guys and gals start getting to know each other -- what are their requests for the matchmakers? For Joe and Keyana, a "funny" partner is key, while Alexis and Keith are all about the s-e-x. When it comes to Audrey's wishes, it's pretty plain and simple.

"I want a guy who can communicate, someone who is loyal that I can trust," she explains. "I don't want anymore f**kboys cheating on me." Fair enough, Audrey!

But that's not all: Which celeb is Uche's dream man, and which castie has never said "I love you"? Watch the clips below to find, and don't miss the season premiere of Are You the One? on Wednesday, September 20 at 10/9c!