Teen Mom 2 Snub: Jenelle Isn't Inviting Barbara To Her Wedding

The mother of three discussed the topic during tonight's episode

The deep animosity Jenelle feels toward her mother Barbara shows no signs of lessening -- and during tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode, the mother of three revealed she will not invite the MTV grandmother to her upcoming wedding.

What led Jenelle to divulge this sensitive information? Barbara approached her daughter (at Kaiser's birthday party) and suggested the entire family rent a cabin for a long weekend because of improved relations.

"We're getting along better, but we just keep things about Jace," Jenelle explained. "I'm being civil, doesn't mean I have to yell and f**king scream in your face every time we see each other. But I still don't like you."

Barbara promptly ended the conversation, walked away and said "nevermind" -- while Jenelle declared, "You can't expect to get along with someone after you take their son away."

Afterward, Jenelle opened up to her friend Jamie about the difficult incident -- and dropped a big development regarding her nuptials.

"She's going to be really upset when she doesn't get a wedding invitation," Jenelle said. "You're not giving me my son, that's it. That's the price you pay for f**king someone over."

Will Jenelle stick to her words regarding the no-invite -- or will Barbara be a last-minute addition at the big day? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c to follow the mother-daughter duo.