Halsey Is A Biker Babe On The Run In New ‘Bad At Love’ Video

The saga continues...

Last we saw of Halsey (in music video form, at least), she was chopping off her hair after fleeing a deadly shootout in the dramatic “Now or Never” clip. Now, we pick up right where she left us, in the new visual for “Bad at Love,” which she co-directed with Sing J Lee.

Rocking her fresh buzz cut, Halsey looks every bit the biker babe as she zooms across the desert on a motorcycle. You may notice that she’s wearing the same red print she wore in the “Now or Never” vid, and she even has fresh cuts on her face from that scary gun fight. She stops at a gas station, where we learn she’s a wanted fugitive (uh oh), and with the help of some new friends, she narrowly avoids being captured.

Where will the desert road take her this time? Guess we’ll find out in Halsey’s next video.