Brace Yourself For What May Be The Most Shocking Challenge Hookup Ever

In a new sneak peek, two competitors appear ready to, well, you know

Veronica and Aneesa, who met on 2002’s Battle of the Sexes, aren’t celebrating the 15th anniversary of their meeting with crystals — instead, they might be engineering the most shocking Challenge hookup of all time.

In a sneak peek of the next episode, the former nemeses (yup, they used to hate each other) hang out by the pool, and quickly, a bikini-clad V catches Neesie’s eye. A game of cat and mouse develops, and in the video below, the ladies get verrrrry close to locking this thing down.

“You are so f*cking beautiful, Veronica — I’d f*ck you, and that’s it, and that’s what it really comes to,” Aneesa observes. Guess beating around the bush simply ain’t her style.

The ladies proceed to recount their shared experiences -- remember, they both dated Challenge legend Rachel -- before Aneesa puts her flirting game into overdrive. What exactly does she say? And what do bystanders Cory and Cara Maria think of it all? Watch the clip to find out, then be sure to see what goes down on Challenge tonight at 10/9c!