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Tove Lo Channels Her Inner Spider-Man In New Short Film

The sequel to 'Fairy Dust' is finally here

"Cool Girl" Tove Lo lets her guard down in Fire Fade, her new short film that literally defies gravity. In the 20-minute clip, she paces around a hotel room, writhes on the bed, and explores every inch of the dingy space. And when I say every inch, I mean EVERY inch. Your girl is casually walking up walls and crawling across the ceiling. Look out, Spider-Man.

"When the fairy dust starts to wear off and the sweet escape isn't so sweet anymore... This is for my fans," Tove Lo wrote on Instagram Friday (August 25) when the video came out. "I'm at my most vulnerable with you."

Fire Fade, which Tove Lo co-wrote with director Tim Erem, is the emotional sequel to Fairy Dust, her first short film released last year. Both videos feature music from her sophomore album, Lady Wood, but Fairy Dust is considerably more risqué than its follow-up. Who could forget that NSFW masturbation scene?

But even though Fire Fade keeps things PG-13, it's anything but boring. In between scaling walls, Tove Lo chases a butterfly, smashes that butterfly to death, and comes THISCLOSE to making out with a TV screen. When that doesn't work out, she fantasizes about making out with her neighbor instead. What a wild ride.