Undressed Sneak Peek: What Made Bryan Say That Katie Is Already Raising Red Flags?

Her response to one simple question is making him question just about everything

Is it better to give or receive? It's a question two Undressed strangers are about to answer -- and it sparks some uncertainty about their compatibility.

In a sneak peek of the dating series, Bryan and Katie strip to their skivvies and immediately get down to Undressed business. The first question that flashes on the big screen: "Would you prefer to give or receive?"

Bryan immediately answers that he would rather give -- specifically, "gifts, love, generosity and compliments."

"I like that," Katie responds.

Looking good so far -- however, when it comes time for her to explain her preference to receive, Bryan reveals his trepidation and says her choice is a "red flag."

But what about Katie's selection is worrying Bryan? Watch the clip to find out -- and to see if the two will be able to see beyond their different choices (and both select "Yes"), don't miss Undressed this Wednesday at 11/10c!