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Taylor Swift Is Driving Fans Mad With A Cryptic Video

She's clearly up to something — but is it a new song?

UPDATE (8/22/17, 11:06 a.m. ET): Taylor Swift released a second teaser video of the creature in question. This is most definitely a snake, right?


Taylor Swift, WYD? That's the question fans are asking Monday (August 21) after Tay released a mysterious video across her social media accounts. Last week, she wiped her accounts clean, perhaps giving her a fresh start for a new era. And now, we have this:

It's unclear exactly what's happening here. At first, I thought it was a serpent, which would be a clever nod to the deluge of snake emojis haters once flooded Tay's Instagram with. But upon closer inspection, it looks like some sort of lizard tail, I think? Perhaps it's a tribute to one of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons, IDK.

Joseph Kahn, who directed four of Swift's 1989 music videos (including the blockbuster "Bad Blood"), also shared the 10-second clip with a coy smiley face, then tweeted that Swift would "blot out the sun" as "a show of power" later on Monday. Hmm...

To make things even more interesting, eagle-eyed Swifties spotted a preliminary Genius page for a tune titled "Timeless." The plot thickens.

Whatever's going on, my ears are more than ready for some new swoon-worthy songs. Give the people what they want, Taylor!