Nev And Max Met This Catfish Love Hopeful In A Most Unconventional Way

First time for everything!

Nev and Max have always become acquainted with their Catfish victims via a candid email -- but during this week's brand-new episode, our digital detectives encountered a love hopeful in unusual fashion.

"Hi, excuse me, are you Nev and Max?" a woman named Caitlyn asked as she approached the guys (who happened to be taking a lunch break while filming another installment of the MTV series). "I'm a pretty big fan -- I heard about you guys being here through Snapchat. I actually have a question, and I'm hoping you can answer it."

Turns out, her story is a fascinating one. To hear all about it (and how her online beau is connected to Nev), watch the first look above. And don't miss the entire episode this Wednesday at 10/9c!