Second Chance: Will Tony Make The Most of His Return To Challenge?

The 'Real World' alum has come back from the dead -- and he’s on a mission

"Maybe these ‘Challenges’ aren’t cut out for me,” Tony observed on the latest Challenge XXX, sticky with mud that signaled his defeat at the hands of Ammo in The Presidio. “I can’t even say it was a good run. I haven’t had a good run.”

But is that about to change, and are we in for a new-and-improved competitor?

On this week’s episode, the Real World: Skeletons export got a second chance at life when he and seven fellow castoffs learned they’d compete for an opportunity to return to the show. After a glorified King of the Hill tournament, one man and one woman would rejoin the game’s ranks, TJ told the gang. And when the dust had cleared — and after sending the likes of Darrell, Amanda and more heavy-hitters home — Tony and Jenna were relieved to learn their Season 30 bids were alive again.

“I made a lot of progress, [then] I took a step back. I want to be able to keep moving forward,” Tony said of his victory. “I want to have that opportunity to show people…my confidence is back, my head’s back in the right place. I’m hoping that can stay with me.”

Bananas, for one, was convinced and said he had faith that Tony — who’d spent the days leading up to his elimination in drunken arguments — learned his lesson.

“If anyone needs some good luck every now and again, it needs to go to Tony,” the six-time champ said. “I'm glad he’s got a chance to redeem himself. It hopefully wipes the slate clean.”

Still, players like Cara Maria were reluctant to cheer on Tony’s comeback. Cara hadn’t forgotten that she’d been victim to one of Tony’s drunken tirades only hours earlier and noted that she wasn’t afraid of him — often, his bark was much louder than his bite, she said.

“Tony has never done anything impressive in anything I’ve ever seen him in,” she said. “The way that he treats women and kind of goes off, I don’t think he should be here.”

Echoed Aneesa: “Tony after having a few drinks becomes a different person. He gets drunk to that place where you, like, can’t even see Tony.”

What do you think — will Tony make the most of his second shot, and do you really believe he’ll change? Or have you heard him make this promise before, and is it only a matter of time before he’s out again? Share your thoughts, and see how Tony performs when The Challenge XXX returns Tuesday at 9/8c!