Should Siesta Key's Juliette Move On From Alex Once And For All?

The FSU bombshell has been burned before -- and is playing with fire yet again

They say old habits die hard -- and that adage more than applies to Siesta Key's Juliette. So what is it that the gorgeous FSU student just can't quit? Her on-again off-again beau, aka Alex.

On tonight's episode, Jules once again slept with Sarasota's biggest playboy, and she totally did it to mark her territory: The rendezvous took place mere hours after Alex spent a pretty penny taking the newly single Kelsey on a date.

Let the record state that Romeo Alex and Juliette certainly seemed over -- the latter went so far as to call her boy toy "a piece of s**t" after his not-so-secret tryst with Amanda. In an effort to make the self-proclaimed Siesta Key king pay, she gave him the cold shoulder during his posh Gatsby gala and continued to torment him during the crew's getaway to the Bahamas, making her disdain for his budding romance friendship with Kelsey known to anyone within earshot. But when she unequivocally called Alex out over his decision to wine and dine the Midwestern model, he maintained, "She's the new girl. I'm just trying to be nice."

Replied the ever-confident Juliette: "I just think it's funny that you take her out and you like me way more."

And that, friends, is when the bombshell set out to prove her point (as Chloe cleverly stated) by going to bed with her sometimes-beau. As she narrated, "Kelsey may have owned the day, but I owned the night...and that's all that ever counted with Alex."

For his part, Alex was non-committal when asked which female he favors. His reply? "I don't know. We'll see."

Meanwhile, let's not forget: The heart may want what it wants (thanks, Selena), but Kompo did cheat on Jules once already with Madisson. So could Juliette be headed for a repeat of last summer?

Comment with your POV, and let us know if you think Juliette should move on from Alex once and for all. Then find out what happens in the aftermath of the couple's hookup next Monday at 10/9c.