Madisson And Kelsey Open Up About Their Special Siesta Key Friendship

'We just clicked'

Life may not always be sunny in Siesta Key (love triangles, best friends feuding and breakups, to name just a few downers), but there is one definite bright spot: a new friendship between Kelsey and Madisson.

The Florida gals have grown close throughout this season of the Florida-based series ( venting bonding about boys will do that!), and the two recently spoke with MTV News about their special relationship.

"The first time I met Madisson was at Alex's party," new girl Kelsey remembers. "I didn't really talk to her much, but then we went to lunch. We also talked a lot at Brandon's bonfire, but it was really after the [Great Gatsby] Gala when we all hung out that it was different. We just clicked."

She continued: "We both were able to open up to each other about what we were going through, and it was great to get an outside perspective on how to handle things."

So what do the two like to do for fun when they aren't with the rest of the group?

"We love to go shopping, and we go to the beach and the pool. It's a lot of water stuff," Madisson revealed.

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