Group Getaway: The Siesta Key Casties Reveal Their Favorite Bahamas Memories

Believe it or not, there was more than just drama in Bimini

Adieu, Siesta Key! Hello, Bimini!

During this week's installment, Alex, Juliette, Kelsey, Chloe, Madisson, Paul and Brandon (everyone except Garrett, basically) left the Sunshine State and headed to the Bahamas for some drama R&R. But what was the highlight for the host of this adventure?

"I loved when Brandon and Paul performed -- I thought that was so awesome," Alex recently revealed to MTV News about his buds taking the stage. "It's weird going to a concert and not knowing the words to a song, and I know most of the words because Paul is my cousin and BG is my boy. Other people did not know the words to the songs, and they were still rocking."

Chloe agrees with her BFF.

"It was when we all came together and danced and had a good time no matter what drama was going on," the bartender dished.

For Brandon, it was a simple (but naughty) activity that stands out among the rest.

"Jumping in the little canal right outside our villa that we weren't supposed to jump into," the aspiring musician stated with a laugh. "But we did anyway." Rebels!

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