Feel The Beatz: This Girl Planned A 'Dope' And 'Fly' Bash For Her Super Sweet 16

Marching band and gold grillz included

Tonight's Super Sweet 16 birthday gal is a prominent DJ -- and her big bash (unsurprisingly) centered around her passion.

"It's a party that other people are going to be talking about for generations to come," 15-year-old Sierra (aka DJ Beauty and the Beatz) told her family about her vision for her elaborate gathering.

The grand idea: a Beatz Blackout.

"Everybody wears all black, except they can’t come in looking basic," Sierra, who has performed for President Barack Obama, explained about her theme (which also featured part of her stage name). "You have to be dope, you have to be fly, you have to be Beatz Blackout."

But the dress code wasn't all she had in mind: Sierra wanted to enlist a marching band to help with her grand entrance, wear a set of gold grillz and debut a tune centered around the big 1-6. Oh, and the top present on her list? Brand-new turntables. Enter the skeptical parents.

"You need to understand that throwing the party is our gift to you," Sierra's mom told her daughter. "Now you’re being extra."

In the end, though, Sierra got everything that she so desired -- even if there was a moment of panic right before she premiered her birthday song (the dreaded frozen computer situation).

“No one will ever be able to top this," Sierra gushed.

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