Ollie Millington/Redferns

Pink Is Back And Asking A Ton Of Tough Questions With 'What About Us'

'What about all the broken Happy Ever Afters?'

It's been a minute since Pink looked through the looking glass with "Just Like Fire," but now she's returned to the airwaves and your earbuds with a solemn, imploring track that strikes an emotional chord.

"What About Us" — the first single from her upcoming album, Beautiful Trauma — has Pink singing over soft keys that eventually swell with a steady, dance floor-ready beat. (Think Coldplay's "A Sky Full Of Stars," but without Chris Martin's flailing moves and a decidedly more somber feel — a song written by someone picking up the pieces instead of one celebrating the fact that you did.)

While the lyrics stress universality and common ground, that we're "billions of beautiful hearts" that are fully capable of being broken, and that we ask the same questions when that happens: What about all the times you said you had the answers? What about all the broken Happy Ever Afters? What about all the plans that ended in disaster? What about love? What about trust? What about us?

Beautiful Trauma is Pink's seventh studio album, and drops on October 13, 2017.