Meet The Parents: Siesta Key's Brandon Reflects On His Time With Madisson's Dad

Future in-laws, perhaps?

Brandon and Madisson are the newest blossoming romance in Siesta Key, but this couple has already taken a big relationship step. Paging Gaylord "Greg" Focker!

During this week's SK episode, Bradisson got to really know each other -- from shared clan dynamics (both have divorced parents) to "what a first kiss" (Madisson's words). But that wasn't all for this fast-moving duo: Madisson invited Brandon to a graduation dinner, where he would meet her father Jon (ex beau Alex and Kelsey were also at the meal).

The introduction between Brandon and Madisson's pops seemed to go off without a hitch, and Madisson gushed afterward that she was "glad" he got to spend some time with her dear dad. But looking back, how did Brandon feel going in to the evening?

"When I showed up, I saw Alex and everybody else there, so I wasn’t as nervous. I thought I was going to walk into her whole family with just me," Brandon told MTV News, adding he thought Jon was "cool." Certainly better than being uncool...

To see how Brandon and Madisson's relationship progresses (and if the budding musician has any more interactions with her clan), be sure to keep watching Siesta Key every Monday at 10/9c.