How A Super Sweet 16 Bash Proved 'Life Is Beautiful'

Baby J's milestone occasion was more than just a party

My Super Sweet 16 is always celebratory -- but for Janeen (also known as Baby J), just being able to make it to this age was a tremendous feat in and of itself.

"A year ago, we had a home invasion [and] the shooter shot me in my main artery in my leg," the Las Vegas resident explained during tonight's episode (she later added that she had about a 3% chance of surviving due to the severity of the injury). "Since the shooting, my life has changed, but I'm still here and I'm still going, and nothing is going to take me down."

Baby J took her unique story and transitioned it into her party's theme: life is beautiful. And that meant over-the-top sights and features, including stilt walkers, acrobats and an illusion-filled grand entrance. But the most heartwarming moment of all was a choreographed mother-daughter dance (Baby J's father passed away when she was 10).

"This is a really special day for me, and I really want to thank my mom for putting this all together and making it happen," Baby J told her guests.

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