Larry Busacca/PW/WireImage

Beyoncé Turned Her Friday Night At The Roller Rink Into A Mini Music Video

And she flashed some new bling for Rumi and Sir, too

Given how Beyoncé is a champion of balance and grace and movement onstage, it's hardly a shocker that she can lace up a pair of roller skates, hit the rink, and do so while making it look cool as hell.

Bey channeled her 2014 "Blow" music video a bit and hit L.A.'s World on Wheels for a night out with friends on Friday (August 4). Jay-Z came, too, but opted to avoid picking up his own set of wheels and let Queen B enjoy a few laps on her own.

Set to Aminé's "Caroline," Bey dusted off her epic IG scrapbooking skills and put together an audio-visual collage of her night out. She skates, she goofs off on Snapchat, and she flashes a bedazzled R&S on her finger for babies Rumi and Sir.

All in all, a chill, fun night out for Bey and Jay that could easily serve as the inspiration for a "Blow" sequel."