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Beyoncé And Jay Z, Normal Couple, Took Pics Of Each Other Drinking Wine

'Drunk in looooove'

Beyoncé hasn’t given us many glimpses of her post-arrival-of-twins life lately, but that finally changed on Friday (August 4). Ladies and gents, boys and girls, feast your eyes on Bey’s first, flawless Instagram post of the month, starring the Carter couple and their stow of wine.

Here, we have Beyoncé making excellent use of Instagram’s multi-photo option by showing us that, apparently, she and Jay Z take pics of each other across the table, like any normal couple. There’s no fancy filter here, no caption, and no eye contact. Just a couple of new parents beating the August heat by being drunk in love. Truly #ParentGoals.

In another Instagram post, Beyoncé offered a closer look at her date night outfit, including her flashy accessories and impeccable manicure. Naturally, she gave it a bomb soundtrack (Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up”) to really drive home that she’s the world’s flyest mom.

So, yes, it’s official: “Beyoncé casually drinking a big ol' glass of wine” is our new Summer ’17 aesthetic.