Top 10 Moments From Siesta Key's Gatsby Bash (Ample Amounts Of Shade Included)

Chloe's reaction to Amanda's arrival? Priceless

Siesta Key knows how to throw a proper party, and the Kompothecras family's Great Gatsby-themed gala brought a who's-who of the small Sarasota town...not to mention just a hint of drama amongst Alex's crew.

While the glam event supported a worthy cause (providing assistance to those with autism, in honor of Alex's younger siblings Bronson and Sarah Alice), it also served as the elaborate backdrop for a few unforgettable key moments (pun intended):

  1. Chloe cleverly playing dumb re: Alex's fling with Amanda

    While Brandon claimed "no hard feelings" over Alex's secret rendezvous with Amanda, Chloe demanded more details. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Why would there be hard feelings? Who's her?" the blonde bartender asked, knowing darn good and well who she was.

  2. Juliette cooly dismissing Alex

    After finding out about the aforementioned fling (and iconically calling him a "piece of sh*t"), Juliette kept it "short and sweet" with Alex, exchanging pleasantries and nothing more. "Well, it was nice seeing you," the FSU student stated before waltzing away.

  3. Amanda making a grand entrance (and Chloe keeping it real)

    Naturally, all eyes were on Amanda when she arrived wearing a sparkly strapless gown with a thigh-high slit. Chloe's words of wisdom to an anxious Juliette? "Why are you being intimidated? Okay, first of all, slits were never a thing in the '20s. She just has to show off her body."

  4. Juliette refusing to look 'petty'

    After confirming that an Alex hookup did indeed happen, Juliette asked Amanda to walk by the Sarasota playboy with her in an effort to maintain her status as the cool girl. "I just want to show him I'm not that petty little girl he thinks I'm going to be," Jules stated.

  5. Alex swooping in on Kelsey

    "I'm focusing on me right now," Alex later told Kelsey, as he awkwardly watched Juliette and Amanda walk by. The eldest Kompothecras also took that opportunity to let Kels know he's "single and back on the market." Subtle much, Alex? Meanwhile, Brandon and Garrett were engaged in a riveting discussion about weightlifting.

  6. Brandon putting the moves on Madisson (and Kelsey putting him in check)

    We've discussed it at length, but our favorite line of the entire night is worth a second mention: "I love that dress," B told Madisson. "It's visually rewarding." Cue good ol' Kels: "That sounds a little creepy."

  7. A little bird spilling the beans about Garrett and Kelsey

    "Between me and you, [Kelsey] and Garrett are having some issues," Chloe told Alex. Which leads us to...

  8. Garrett and Kelsey parting ways

    When a visibly bored Garrett told Kelsey he was heading out, she curtly asked, "You want to end on that note?" To which he replied, "Yeah, there's nothing else to say." Time will tell whether they were simply talking about leaving the party... or ending things for good.

  9. Alex's dad shedding tears

    Drama aside, we can't forget the reason for the event. Alex's moving speech drove his father — who tirelessly works to bring awareness to autism — to sob. Okay, we might have had a little mist in our eyes too.

  10. Everyone seeing a different side of Alex

    Judging from his speech, it's clear that the self-proclaimed king of Siesta has a major soft spot for his younger brother and sister. We all saw a more giving, vulnerable side of Alex... especially Kelsey.

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