Can Kailyn And Javi Settle Their Teen Mom 2 Child Support Issue?

The young dad filed legal paperwork during tonight's episode

Just when it seemed like Kailyn and Javi were on the path to being amiable, the Teen Mom 2 mama got served (literally).

"Javi is asking for child support," Kail told her producer JC during tonight's brand-new episode. And the petition completey blindsided the soon-to-be mother of three.

"He never came out and told me that he was filing," she continued. "I always knew he had it in his back pocket, but I didn't think that he would actually file."

The details of the paperwork: In addition to child support, Javi also requested medical support. However, Lincoln's medical coverage was already handled through Javi's work.

"It doesn't make sense for me to then turn around and give Javi money when he already has health insurance and I already pay for his school tuition," Kail stressed. "I already pay for him to eat here, I already pay for him to be clothed here. You have free childcare with your parents living here, and you have medical through your work."

Meanwhile, Javi revealed to his friend (before filing) that he wanted to ensure "Lincoln was taken care of" and stated that his "tuition is expensive."

"I want to make sure I'm not doing it by myself," he added.

What do you think of Javi's decision to file for child support? And do you think the two will have another legal showdown in the not-so-distant future? Comment with your thoughts, and to see how this legal situation proceeds, be sure to watch Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.