How Jenelle And Barbara Are Preparing For Their Teen Mom 2 Custody Battle

During tonight's episode, the mother-daughter duo opened up about the imminent ordeal

The ongoing custody battle between Jenelle and her mother Barbara regarding Jace has loomed over the Teen Mom 2 duo for years -- until now.

During tonight's episode, Jenelle revealed that the two finally had a date to appear in court (May 20), and the end was near regarding this difficult ordeal.

"My number one choice is I get full custody," Jenelle explained to her fiancé David. "But ultimately, it's what the judge decides."

While Jenelle stated she wasn't worried, she did divulge that she hasn't spoken to her son about the upcoming battle.

"I'm not going to push that on him," she added. "When he's older, he's going to realize, 'Wow, my grandmother was really trying to convince me hard for no reason when my mom was fine.'"

Meanwhile, Barbara had a different story for TM2 co-executive producer Kristen about the little boy.

"Jace is very upset about it -- I have him in therapy," Barbara divulged. "The other night, he sat home and cried like a baby. I haven't seen him cry like that in years."

According to Babs, Jace begged her not to send him to his mother's house. "He said, 'Marissa and David are mean to me. He said, 'If it's just Mommy and Kaiser, I wouldn't mind living with them.' All he wants is Jenelle's attention."

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