Rene Cervantes

Challenge's Johnny Bananas Is About To Become A Cartoon Character

The six-time champ is getting animated (literally)

For more than 10 years, Johnny Bananas has appeared in the flesh on this network. And now, the Challenge great is about to get animated (literally) -- and the proof is below.

20th Century Fox Television

The Challenge XXX competitor (who you can catch every Tuesday) is morphing into a cartoon and appearing on tonight's episode of the TBS series American Dad!. All is fair in love, war and challenges (and cartoons!).

"As a kid growing up watching Saturday morning cartoons, it was always a dream of mine to see myself as an animated character," the six-time champion revealed to MTV News. "Now all these years later, the child in me will finally get to see that dream become a reality."

He continued: "I've made a career out of winning in the reality television world, so it’s time to try my hand competing against cartoons and see how I stack up. Most of the people I compete against on The Challenge are characters in their own regard and far more strange than any creation a cartoonist could come up with, so I think I’ll feel right at home."

Don't miss Bananas on American Dad! tonight at 10/9c on TBS -- and catch the one-of-a-kind player tomorrow night on Challenge XXX at 9/8c!