How Did Jenelle Get Involved In Kailyn's Teen Mom 2 Pregnancy Reveal?

The mother of three denied any wrongdoing -- and revealed Javi was to blame for the leak

Kailyn's third pregnancy reveal on Teen Mom 2 did not come courtesy of the young mother -- and neither did the public announcement.

During tonight's episode, Kail revealed to her friend Michaella that she checked Twitter and saw a congratulatory message -- from Jenelle.

"She said she heard it from the crew, but I talked to MTV and I know the crew didn't leak," Kail explained. "I don't know if she was doing it to be a smart ass or if she was doing it thinking she was really congratulating me."

Eventually, Kail shared a candid article about her third pregnancy -- but the plot thickened surrounding the aforementioned tweet. When Kail skyped in to a Teen Mom 2 aftershow after revealing her bun in the oven, she addressed the Jenelle tweet -- and got a response from her fellow MTV cohort.

"Holy, yo," Kail exclaimed, while looking at her phone. Why? Jenelle sent Kail a screenshot of Javi confirming the news via DM to The Star Glam.

Javi tweeted that he had no part of this news story and wrote, "Don't bring me into it."

"I'm over this -- goodbye," Kail stated.

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