Teen Mom 2 Forgiveness: Should Briana Make It Work With Luis?

The young mother is not willing to make it work with her baby daddy (for now)

Briana confessed to her baby daddy Luis that she was considering adoption for their unborn daughter (after she learned of his cheating ways) on a recent Teen Mom 2 episode. And during this week's installment, he continued to be unsupportive of the young mother's potential plan for their little girl (which she needs him to consent to in order to move forward). In addition, he continued to press Briana to forge ahead as a united front to raise their daughter.

"I think what's best for my child is to be with her parents. People work s**t out all the time. I want us to be together," Luis told Briana, while adding that the "adoption talk" is driving him nuts.

But Briana continued to balk at his efforts to reconcile.

"You have to stop being selfish for a little bit," she declared. "You're the one that f**ked up."

Nevertheless, Luis persisted -- and remained steadfast to his goal of going back to the way things were pre-infidelity.

"I just don't see why things can't work out," Luis explained. "What I did was a d**k move, and it was messed up and disrespectful and everything. But I don't feel like I'm that much of a bad person, to you, that it has to come with drastic measures."

Again, Bri wouldn't budge -- and stated that he "doesn't get it."

But do you think there is the possibility that they can reunite for the sake of their child? Or will their current broken-up status remain -- and they will co-parent separately? Share your thoughts in the comments, and continue the watch the duo every Monday on Teen Mom 2 at 9/8c.