Teen Mom 2 Support System: Leah Gets Meaningful Advice From Kailyn

During tonight's episode, the girls had a candid conversation about school

Leah could not contain her excitement after she was accepted to college and Teen Mom 2 cameras rolled as she began her coursework. But the reality of her changing schedule soon set in (commuting an hour each way and the demands of being a mother to three children), so the West Virginia native turned to a familiar face for some support.

"I feel like I'm neglecting my kids -- I feel bad," Leah told Kailyn (who is thisclose to graduating) as the MTV ladies FaceTimed during tonight's episode.

Kail immediately told Leah that she should not feel this way -- and that furthering her education is "something you have to do for yourself."

"I don't want to drop school altogether, but I think if I do online classes it will be easier," Leah explained.

While Kail could not justify taking classes from home (her campus is only fifteen minutes from her residence), she did state that sticking with her studies would be "worth it in the end."

"We are going to defy all of the statistics," Kail stressed.

Ultimately, Leah decided to withdraw from her current classes and re-enroll online for the following semesters. While it was difficult to communicate this decision to her college counselor, Leah remained determined to stick to her goal of obtaining a diploma -- even though it will most likely take longer than four years.

"I just want to be successful," she said, as she wiped her tears. "I'm doing this for my kids and for myself. Nobody in my family ever went to college."

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